Our Story

With many, many years of experience, the principals of The Montembeault Group have worked for both private and public international corporations and have owned our own representative-distribution-service company. We’ve spent most of our careers in the pumps, systems and controls industry. Most recently we’ve been working on a digital innovation targeted for the fire protection industry that industry experts have called a “gamechanger” for the Smart Firefighting initiative.

Our Approach

We prefer to work as an agile development team with key stakeholders in our clients’ companies and can work from an idea to its implementation.  We begin with Customer Discovery to find out what the customers’ problems and needs are.  This is essential to understand before we can explore solutions and design a roadmap to meet these and future needs.

We’ll assess the company’s ability to deliver products and services and at what cost a scalable solution will be able to result in a desirable revenue stream.  We’ll explore the next generation of product in terms of a digital offering aligning the company with the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT.

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Meet the Team

A Snapshot of the Team’s Capabilities

Our work experience has included engineering, market and product planning, marketing communications, sales—direct & indirect, aftermarket services, acquisitions and divestitures, and small business management.


Roger Montembeault

Roger has a unique ability to quickly “see” an opportunity, readily identify how it will a.) solve customer pains and b.) increase profitability for a company. He has the technical (engineering) know-how to be able to configure the implementation of the idea into a real product offering.


Karen Montembeault

Karen’s strengths lie in her ability to design and execute a comprehensive customer discovery plan, apply the technical findings to the business case, find publicity options, design the roadmap and communicate all aspects of the projects.