Why Choose Us

We understand technical products and how to successfully market them.  We tailor our services to our clients’ requirements by providing flexible and cost effective market strategy consulting and support for a specific business segment or project.  Our experience includes both domestic and international markets.

We work as an agile development team with client-appointed stakeholders to quickly and accurately identify opportunities and make them happen.  We act as “in-house marketing managers”, representing our clients both inside and outside the company, integrating ourselves as part of the team.

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The Business Model Canvas is the method we use to effectively create new business strategies.  We begin with Customer Discovery as the basis from which we work.  From our clients’ customers, we learn everything by listening carefully to what they are saying about their pains and problems and even about our clients.  We then assess our clients’ Key Resources, Distribution Channels, Customer Segments, Cost Structures, and Revenue Streams.

Our interests lie heavily in the IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things.  As the world becomes more and more connected each day, experts predict there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices in use worldwide by 2020.  We look for opportunities for our clients to get out in front of the technology in their industry.  Those companies who stay ahead of the competition through innovation and digitalization will survive and those who don’t will cease to thrive.

We explore ways to work with influencers in our clients’ industries – people & associations – with whom we can involve in our unique sales proposition to give third party, objective endorsements of products and services.

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An example of some of our recent work illustrates the future of Smart Fire Pump Systems. Real time monitoring of fire pump systems using a web based application that can be used with desktop or mobile devices.

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With so many elements involved in innovative strategic initiatives, we can “drill it down” to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  We also encourage our clients to collaborate with other companies and use their strengths and resources where it makes sense to expedite agile development.

These are exciting times with the world changing so rapidly as new products digitally disrupt businesses and markets.